5 Best Kites for Toddlers

Best Kites for Toddlers
Today, we will be giving an in-depth look at the five best kites for toddlers (that are well suited for kids under the age of 3!). The practice of flying kites has always been very famous among individuals. One segment of these individuals includes toddlers (children between 1-3 years of age). Studies have found that...

8 Cool Stunt Kite Tricks For Beginners

Stunt Kite Tricks For Beginners
Stunt kites are a ton of fun because they permit the flyer to become a pilot as they take the kite lines in their hands. Fly spins and loops, and with training, you can get familiar with some stunning kite stunts. Stunt kites are an incredible way to unwind and enjoy the open air. Beginner...

48 Parachute Games for Kindergarteners & Toddlers

Parachute Games for Kindergarteners & Toddlers
Want to do something special for your kids while they're being kept from their favorite activities? Engage them in authentic parachute games! All you need is a large parachute, a group of kids (roughly of the same age), and a few toys. With only these simple things, you can easily make your kids feel...

7 Awesome Parachute Games for Seniors

Parachute Games for Seniors
You might be asking "Why would seniors want to play with a parachute? Parachute games are for children, right?" Wrong! Yes, parachute games are enjoyed by younger children...but the same physical and cognitive benefits that apply to children also apply to seniors! Parachute play strengthens primarily shoulder, arm, and hand muscles. It also refines perceptual motor...

Top 5 Gym Class Parachutes Your Kids Will Love

Gym Class Parachute
Gym class parachutes became a standard part curriculum of schools in the early 1980s. With their rainbow-like bright colors, play parachutes have proven effective in the development of visual processing, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills for children. In an era dominated by iPads and iPhones, you do not want your child to be glued...