How to Teach a Seven-Year-Old to Hit a Baseball (2021)

Whether your child has expressed an interest in baseball or you want to share your passion for America's favorite pastime with them, this article will help you figure out how to teach a seven-year-old to hit a baseball! Introducing a kid to a sport like baseball has many benefits. It teaches them hand-eye coordination, being...

Top 10 Best Paints for Baby Cribs (2021)

Freshly painted baby crib and nursery
Getting ready for all things baby often includes planning and decorating a beautiful new baby's nursery. As part of the process, many DIY-savvy parents enjoy painting their baby's new furniture for that perfect final touch. However, there are some special considerations to keep in mind when you are painting furniture, such as a crib...

Baby Rolls Over in Sleep and Cries…Now What?

A baby rolled over on its tummy
When your child becomes a little mobile, it is an important milestone for sure. Of course, it is exciting, but it can be a little worrisome as well. As soon as they start flipping over on their tummies, you know that this cute milestone can become a little problematic. Rolling over on their tummies...

11 Best Essential Oils for Autism Spectrum Children (2021)

best essential oils for autism spectrum children
You've heard that essential oils can be beneficial. Nowadays, people also claim essential oils can also help people with disorders. In this article, we'll be talking about the 11 best essential oils for Autism spectrum children!  But first, what are essential oils? These are concentrated liquids that contain compounds from plants. Extracts obtained through distillation retain the...

17 Best Dogs for Kids with Autism (2021)

dogs for autistic kids
It's long been said that dogs are man's best friend, and there's nothing sweeter than the bond between a child and their dog. However, finding the right match for your family can take some work. This can be especially true when you have a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), but some dog breeds...